Give Me a Break!

Are you tired of the nagging from us environmentalists urging you to avoid this or that hazard? Feeling like you are walking a perilous path through life to avoid inevitable environmental poisoning? Feel like your children’s days are rife with danger and you are the one responsible for protecting them? Well, that is NOT the goal of this blog. I hope that by reading these posts you will become more aware of the state of our chemical world, and have your eyes opened to the fact that hazards do exist, even from products you previously considered benign or even beneficial to your children’s health.

Pat yourself on the back for broadening your outlook by taking advantage of resources such as this blog. Major movement on chemicals policy is being considered in Washington so this is a great time to increase your awareness of the issues. Future posts will address the specifics of legislative and policy initiatives including suggestions for getting involved in moving forward the mandate to protect children’s health.

In the spirit of appreciating our wonderful environment, this post will remind you of the great opportunities to get your children outside, enjoying nature’s beauty – from cheap and easy to some requiring more planning and investment.

  • Buy cheap plane tickets to Las Vegas. Do not bother with the casinos, shows, and fancy hotels. Rent a car at the airport and drive directly to Zion National Park, 2.5 hours away.  One of the most beautiful spots on the planet, with easy flat trails for the entire family, rigorous hikes for the ambitious, and picnic areas that will simply take your breath away. Reasonably-priced hotels located outside the park entrance.
  • Seek out your local state parks and forest preserves and visit them. This does not have to be an all-day outing; just throw the kids in the car with their boots on and let them run around in an open field, or throw rocks in a stream, or walk on a trail through the trees. You will encounter interesting findings in all seasons.
  •  Put on your coats and walk around the block. Point out birds and squirrels. Notice the early spring flowers coming up, the pretty colors in the fall, the different shapes of the clouds on gray days.
  • Look at the moon with your children. Discuss the position of the sun in relation to the time of day and year. Take deep breaths together.

See? There’s no excuse, regardless of your location or current economic condition. Both you and your children are guaranteed to benefit both mentally and physically. Be reassured that you are doing the best you can to provide them with a healthy childhood.  And remember that awareness, even before prevention, of man-made environmental hazards is the first step towards changing the way things are.


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