Pediatric environmental health specialists

Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units: what are they?

PEHSUs are teams of doctors, nurses, industrial hygienists and researchers who evaluate and treat the health effects from children’s exposures to environmental toxins. Through federal funding to ten multi-state regions, PEHSU faculty respond to phone calls from parents, primary care providers, and public health agencies. Clinic visits can be arranged for patients who need toxicology consultation. PEHSU faculty may be board certified physicians in pediatrics, internal medicine, family medicine, toxicology, emergency medicine, or occupational/environmental medicine.

Who do I call with clinical questions?

If someone is poisoned acutely or has a sudden, life-threatening exposure, call your local Poison Control Center. A listing of Poison Centers can be found here:

For questions regarding exposures to children that are not immediately life-threatening or that occur over a longer time period (weeks to months), contact the Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit in your region, listed at For medical problems related to exposures in adults, look for an Occupational and Environmental Medicine specialist.  The Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics keeps a listing of clinics by geographic location.


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