Let’s Seal the Deal: Ban Coal Tar-Based Blacktop Sealant

RECESS! Time for lava monster, freeze tag, four square, and foot races! Playing outside on playgrounds, driveways, or blacktops are central to a child’s healthy lifestyle, and we want to keep it that way. You may have heard or read that certain pavement sealants (“blacktop”) can cause cancer and are less environmentally friendly than alternatives. … More Let’s Seal the Deal: Ban Coal Tar-Based Blacktop Sealant

Give Me a Break!

Are you tired of the nagging from us environmentalists urging you to avoid this or that hazard? Feeling like you are walking a perilous path through life to avoid inevitable environmental poisoning? Feel like your children’s days are rife with danger and you are the one responsible for protecting them? Well, that is NOT the … More Give Me a Break!

Here Comes the Sun

It’s been a long cold winter (and spring) and everyone is ready for the warm, sunny, summer days!  Although the sunshine warms the weather and our spirits, some of those rays are UVA and UVB rays that may have both acute (burns) and chronic (cancers) effects on our skin and eyes, and may be even … More Here Comes the Sun

Radiation Primer

Radiation is scary, isn’t it? We can’t see it and we can’t feel ourselves being exposed, but we know it can cause cancer. In order to make sense of this complex environmental hazard and perhaps dispel some of the fear surrounding it, below is a ‘radiation primer.’ Radiation comes in many forms, most of it … More Radiation Primer